Short description

In Korbin's Journal, you will take on the role of Korbin, the plague doctor. Patients will come to your apothecary seeking treatment, and it is up to you to cure their ailments. Use different tools to find symptoms and craft potions. See your actions reflect on the townsfolk. Will you do your duty?

Core game loop

  • Question & examine your patients
  • Use the journal to find diseases matching your findings
  • Follow the instructions in the journal to create a  potion
  • See the results of treatments at the end of each day 


Mouse - click&drag


Nora Ekeblad - Project Owner & Artist

Iulia Armegioiu - Programmer

Martin Nielsen Johansson - Programmer

Radim Pištěk - Scrum Master & Writer

Robin Ahlgren - QA & Writer

Lily Ovšáková - Artist


Korbin's Journal GGC 2022 39 MB


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Playing in the browser I'm unable to use the question tool on the magnifying glass.  Maybe I'm doing it wrong, who knows.  It's not working is all I can say.